How much should I pay to have my carpets cleaned?

With so many companies offering professional cleaning at different prices it can sometimes be difficult to decide on which one to pick to clean your carpets…. So, what should you be looking for?

Here is a quick guide to how much professional carpet cleaning should be and how to choose between companies.

How much should carpet cleaning cost?

Prices always depend on the amount of work that you want doing as it does in many professions. However, typically for a good quality service you can expect to pay between £4-6 per square meter of carpet that needs cleaning.

This of course can be reduced by the amount of carpet that needs cleaning, so for example if you only have one room that requires attention you can expect to pay the top end of that price whereas for a full house clean it could potentially lower the price to as little as £3 per square meter.

Something else to consider is that most high-quality professionals have a minimum charge, this charge can be anywhere between £50-100 therefore if you contact a company about a single room clean and you are deterred by their price, think about having more work done as this will lower the price per room and give you more for your money.

Should I clean my own carpet or get a professional to do it?

When thinking about having your carpet cleaned you will always consider if it is easy enough to do it yourself….

There are companies out there that can help you achieve your own results by hiring out their shampoo machines. On average this will cost you around £25 to hire the machine and £10 in detergent for every 2 standard sized rooms. Pretty cheap right? This method may not always get rid of all the marks and stains on your carpet but it will leave your carpet in a cleaner state than it was and will be dry fairly quickly afterwards.

So why would you get a professional in when it’s cheaper to do it yourself?


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