Driveway Cleaning

With our powerful pressure washers, experience and knowledge we can renovate your driveway and bring it back to being a highlight to your home!
We can clean many surfaces including:
Block Paving
Imprinted Concrete
Crazy Paving
& More.

Our block paving cleaning comes with RE SANDING included in the price as block paving should never be jet washed without fresh jointing sand being re applied.

The Importance Of Sealing

Once we have cleaned your driveway free of moss, algae and black spot it’s time to keep it looking that way!
A sealer will prevent algae and dirt from penetrating your surface and prevents your drive from wearing away due to this!

Our sealers also harden the jointing sand on block paving preventing weeds from coming through for a long period of time.

See our Sealing Page for more information!

Imprinted Concrete

Imprinted concrete is a beautiful addition to your home and looks great when clean. However if left un maintained, the concrete can fade in color and become cracked and look tired.
Please see our Sealing Page to see how we can repair, re color & seal your imprinted concrete so it lasts another 20 years!

Patio & Decking Cleaning

Patios are where we spend most of our summer evenings. But they can become an area filled with algae and dirt very quickly over the winter months.
Our extensive patio cleaning service uses our powerful pressure washers to remove all weeds and dirt from your patio. We can also remove black spot too!
See our video below of the difference we can make to your patio.

Patio Cleaning Timelapse

Natural Stone Sealing

By applying a natural stone sealer as soon as possible after installation, the sandstone and pointing will be protected from the harmful effects of moisture. Natural stone patio’s are notoriously difficult to keep clean because of how porous they are. The retention of moisture quickly leads to the formation of algae and lichen which make the often expensive patio appear dirty and un-attractive.

See our Sealing Page to find out more.

What is black spot?

If you see thousands of black spots on your patio slabs you’re probably wondering why a pressure washer can’t remove them and why they are ruining your patio.
The black spots are lichen spores that fall from leaves and plants around your garden. They start life out as tiny spores on leaves and get carried in the wind onto your patio by the millions!

We have specialist chemicals that can reduce and remove black spot from your patio. Once they have been removed a sealer can be applied to stop further growths.


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