How much should I pay to have my carpets cleaned?

With so many companies offering professional cleaning at different prices it can sometimes be difficult to decide on which one to pick to clean your carpets…. So, what should you be looking for?

Here is a quick guide to how much professional carpet cleaning should be and how to choose between companies.

How much should carpet cleaning cost?

Prices always depend on the amount of work that you want doing as it does in many professions. However, typically for a good quality service you can expect to pay between £4-6 per square meter of carpet that needs cleaning.

This of course can be reduced by the amount of carpet that needs cleaning, so for example if you only have one room that requires attention you can expect to pay the top end of that price whereas for a full house clean it could potentially lower the price to as little as £3 per square meter.

Something else to consider is that most high-quality professionals have a minimum charge, this charge can be anywhere between £50-100 therefore if you contact a company about a single room clean and you are deterred by their price, think about having more work done as this will lower the price per room and give you more for your money.

What should you be getting for your money?

There are a lot of companies out there offering much cheaper services than the standard mentioned above, should you consider these cheaper companies? The answer is: Do your research…

Does the company have a website? Companies that are proud of their service and believe in their process will have all that information and more on their website. They will have information about the company and testimonials from other customers. They may even tell you what kind of equipment they use.

Does the company have a reputation? Check their social media pages for reviews and testimonials from other customers, there’s nothing better than hearing from others that have used the company for their services.

Does the company use Before and After photos? This is another sign of quality as you will not only see the difference in the photos, but you can ensure that the company are proud of the work that they do and want you to see what they can potentially do to your carpet.

Does the company have insurance? This is such a vital thing when inviting a professional into your house, if they are insured then you are covered in case of their mistakes.

If you answer NO to any/all the questions above then we would strongly recommend looking at other companies, it sometimes pays to not only look around but pay that little bit more for the high standard that you are seeking.



For reference, here is our method and why we clean the way we do



This is where one of our professionals will examine the carpet before the job is carried out, this is to identify any stains, areas of wear and potentially other things you may not have been aware of. This allows us to do a thorough job and to make sure no detail is left out.


Did you know that over 70% of the dirty in your carpet can be removed with a high spec vacuum cleaner? Not all domestic vacuums are powerful enough to get rid of it so one of our professionals will thoroughly vacuum your carpet helping to remove the dry loose dirt in your carpet.


A cleaning chemical will now be applied to the carpet to break down the remaining particles of dirt

Spot Treatment

This is when any stains or high traffic areas are treated, these areas would have been noted in the pre-inspection.

Chemical agitation

Using an agitation machine our professional will now agitate the chemicals into the carpet to ensure it penetrates all the carpet fibres, this is a very important part of the process and will make a significant difference to the end result.

Carpet Rinse

Using a hot water extraction machine, the carpet cleaner will now extract the agitated dirt from the carpet along with any chemicals that have been applied to the carpet. We add a deodoriser to the extraction machine in this stage which means that not only will your carpets be looking fresh but they will also smell fantastic.

Added if Required

If required, the carpet is now groomed to leave it foot print free. With our air movers we can usually get your carpets dry in a few hours.

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