Should I clean my own carpet or get a professional to do it?

When thinking about having your carpet cleaned you will always consider if it is easy enough to do it yourself….

There are companies out there that can help you achieve your own results by hiring out their shampoo machines. On average this will cost you around £25 to hire the machine and £10 in detergent for every 2 standard sized rooms. Pretty cheap right? This method may not always get rid of all the marks and stains on your carpet but it will leave your carpet in a cleaner state than it was and will be dry fairly quickly afterwards.

So why would you get a professional in when it’s cheaper to do it yourself?

If you choose to take on the carpet yourself you could spend the money hiring out the machine and for the results to not be satisfactory, to which you will then be seeking a professional.

Hired carpet shampoos are generally quite weak chemicals to make them safe for most people to use, these chemicals don’t adapt to different carpet fibres therefore will work well on some carpets but not so good on others.

80% of the dirt in carpets needs to be pre-treated and agitated before an extraction machine can be used, therefore no matter the results of a hired machine you will achieve a much higher quality result from a respected professional.


To many, hiring out a machine is much more affordable, and the results achieved are generally acceptable. However, for that little bit extra money you can leave it with a professional who will use their extensive experience and knowhow to get the satisfactory results using thousands of pounds worth of equipment. These professionals will be fully insured so that you know your carpets are left in good hands. If you are after the best results then it comes back to the famous quote
You get what you pay for”

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